5 Reasons Why You Should Drink Black Coffee For Weight Loss

5 Reasons Why You Should Drink Black Coffee For Weight Loss

5 Reasons Why You Should Drink Black Coffee For Weight Loss. If you’re someone who works late at night or is up early in the morning, you know that coffee is a lifesaver.

Whether you like your coffee black or with milk or with any other mixture, there’s something about this beverage that just hits the spot.

And not to mention that many of us even find it difficult to get through the day without a warm cup of coffee in the morning. But did you know that coffee can also help you lose weight?! Sounds surprising, right?

Here’s How Black Coffee May Help In Weight Loss

1. Calories In Black Coffee:

The number of calories in your coffee depends on the type of beans used. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), one cup of regular black coffee brewed from ground beans contains two calories.

A fluid ounce of rich black espresso, on the other hand, contains only one calorie. The number of calories in your coffee is reduced to zero if you use decaffeinated beans.

2. Black Coffee Facilitates Weight Loss:

Black coffee’s unique ability to help with weight loss can be attributed to chlorogenic acid. This substance delays the generation of glucose in the body, which reduces the formation of new fat cells and results in fewer calories overall.

Dr. Simran Saini, from Fortis Hospital, notes that chlorogenic acid also “acts as an antioxidant” and helps control high blood pressure levels.

3. Black Coffee May Help To Control Sudden Hunger:

Caffeine is often consumed in order to help improve alertness and focus. It is a natural stimulant which impact our brain and central nervous system. Caffeine also helps to improve energy levels.

4. Fat Burning Capability:

Green coffee beans are effective in boosting our metabolism. They do this by releasing more fat-burning enzymes and working as a natural cleanser for the liver.

This eliminated bad cholesterol and lipids, making it easier for our metabolism to function correctly.

5. Sheds Water Weight:

Black coffee has been known to help with weight loss and is a natural healer. Many people often feel heavy due to the extra water weight, but black coffee aids in the removal of excess water from the body – helping with weight loss.

However, it’s important to note that this weight loss might be temporary. So, now you know how black coffee may help you in losing weight! As always, though, be sure to consult your doctor before you add anything new to your diet.

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